03 November 2015

inspired by lisa

lisa is hosting the blog at write.click.scrapbook. today. i loved her layouts and made some to match.

09 June 2014

summer scrapbooking

Jenny Larson put up a journaling prompt list for summer. Here are my answers for her list:
1. summer: sleeping in, staying up late, watching movies, swimming (pool. goggles, new suits, flip flops, new tricks), friends, football, gymnastics, house projects, flowers, trips, dog stuff)
2. senses: 
hear - crickets, lawn mowers, giggles, squeals, water
taste - watermelon, salsa, fresh fruit, frozen grapes, slurpees
smell - grilled meat, sunshine heads, sunscreen
touch - water, chilly night after hot day, warm pavement, wet morning grass
3. scrapbooks:
relationships, laziness, camping, ice cream/popsicles, girls nights, festivals

Ready for tomorrow!

A new layout~

Amy put up a challenge on the blog. The colors were too good to resist. You should try one, too!

05 February 2014

01 February 2014

31 January 2014

inspired by Monika

Today is the final day of sketches by Monika. Here is my last one!
I switched this one up quite a bit, but it was good to have a starting point!