01 June 2013

Year 5 Begins!

It's time for a birthday celebration!!! write. click. scrapbook. is beginning its fifth year. to help celebrate, we are sharing tips for fun and learning...

Here is mine:
Sometimes when I get stuck, I go back to my basics. If I am stuck, it's usually because I am trying too hard to be someone else. Or to incorporate a new technique that doesn't seem quite right. There are good times to learn new things, and sometimes you just need to be you. 

White space. Little bits of patterned paper. Some journaling. Maybe a title, or not. And a heartfelt photo. My go-to's. Work every time.

Don't forget to stop by this month's gallery! It's got pictures of my new puppy...

Hope that helps! Now you are off to Valerie!

1 comment:

  1. You are one of my favorites, Marnie! I think half my pins are your layouts!